Hunting Lions (2020)
Technique /Materials : CGI Animate

In our brief yet captivating piece, "Hunting Lions," we delve into the heart of the creative struggle. This five-second visual spectacle pits a man, armed with a massive pencil, against a formidable lion-head giant - an embodiment of the prestigious Cannes Lions Award. Bathed in an intense palette of red and yellow, our protagonist's leap toward the fearsome lion epitomizes the audacious spirit of creativity, the boldness to challenge the status quo, and the relentless pursuit of recognition. His pencil, a symbol of ideas, becomes a powerful tool in his battle against the creative industry's highest accolade. The erupting volcano behind them adds a layer of drama and intensity, mirroring the tumultuous, passionate journey toward creative excellence. It's a fierce, visual ode to the fiery spirit of creativity and the courageous pursuit of the coveted Cannes Lions Award.