Boonya Stationery Sets (2023)
Technique /Materials : Ceramic and Wood

The design of Boonya Stationery Sets uses product design process principles that answers to the problem of the Boonyarat Benjarong brand, which needs the products that have outstanding design features and Benjarong pattern writing that is the brand's highlight by working as a lifestyle product for urban people such as Bangkok people who use it as a storage of stationery and desk accessories to support of the usage behavior and charging electronic devices on the desk The design product under the principle of sustainable design, which details are as follows: 1 Reduce: Designing of these products concerns choosing fine materials to ensure the products last long, and considering the material usage followed the efficiency and necessary principles. 2 Recycle: All the materials used in the design of the products are eco materials. Moreover, it is to preserve the culture of the professional craftsmanship of Benjarong pattern writing in order to sustainable generate income for the community.