Wat Wa Umbrella (2023)
Technique /Materials : Printed polyester fabric with UV coating

Wat Wa Umbrellas, the portable folding umbrellas, Thai-style design products from the Holen brand. They are designed under the concept of 'Rom-Yen-Be-Happiness' inspired by the beautiful temple roof tiles that are Thai identity. The temple roof tiles are designed to the patterns on the umbrellas to convey the meaning of prosperity, blessings of happiness and brightening the user minds as if entering a temple. In addition, the patterns on the umbrellas and their cases have the giant monkey characters from the Ramayana story. These giant monkeys are meant to protect and keep the users safe from harm. These works represent and emphasize the feeling of fun and bright, which create a good mood for those who use or see them. It is the souvenir products from Thailand. One could buy for himself or for someone else. They are the design products that should be promoted Thai temple architecture to the worldwide.