Mel Chair (2022-2023)
Technique /Materials : Polypropylene rope / Aluminium

"Mel" stands for Mellow (relaxed and refreshing color) and Meld (to blend or combine) The Mel Collection is inspired by unity. The combination of relaxed and colorful ropes are woven together and united into a new pattern to create this furniture collection. The collection reflects the youthfulness and sense of colorful refreshment through simple and interesting patterns, enhanced by the weaver’s crafting skills. This collection is a uniquely-colored furniture set for indoor usage, made from Polypropylene rope and aluminum. The collection is creatively represented through new rope patterns. Small ropes are woven into the aluminum frame with a wave-like pattern. Additionally, the orange-color gradient also elevates the piece’s outstandingness, and overall helps create a relaxed and refreshing, or mellow, color mood.