Technique /Materials : Craft Paper Soya-ink

Creative resource management for maximum benefits was taken into consideration through the design of the short one-year life cycle of printed paper calendars. After the end of the day, month and year, normal calendars turn to waste; therefore, the designer has looked for alternative uses of the calendar’s materials for further uses after the its function has been exhausted. The novelty lies in the research and collection of reused paper context in Thai society such as shredded papers to preserve eggs, reused pieces of paper for notes or crumbled papers for ceramic wrapping. The product has future impact in terms of paving a way for designers to be able to look for ways to design printed media with reusability in mind in an era where the importance of printed media is in decline. Therefore, it can be seen that considering paper reusability extends the life of not only papers, but also of the print media industry.