Technique /Materials : Software Art, Interactive Media Design (Screen-based)

"The Living Canvas" is an interactive art piece exploring the intersection between computational systems and living societies. The art piece features a grid of cells that evolve based on the Game of Life cellular automaton created by mathematician John Conway. Each cell in the grid can be seen as a member of society, guided by rules that determine its fate. However, "The Living Canvas" introduces happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and surprise to each cell, making it more akin to humans whose emotions influence their behavior and interactions. Going beyond the binary nature of survival, "The Living Canvas" encourages the exploration of the complex interactions between rules and emotions in computational systems. The interactive nature of the art piece allows viewers to control individual cells to alter the emotional state of the grid, experiencing a dynamic and visually engaging display. Through this exploration, "The Living Canvas" highlights the potential for computational systems to evoke emotional responses, providing a unique perspective on the relationship between technology and humanity.