Technique /Materials : Motion Graphic

"Hong Kong Love Stories" is a motion graphics and animation creation to tell a tale of love and loneliness among the people of Hong Kong. The project incorporates scenes from five Hong Kong romance films screened between 1900-2000, utilizing various morphing techniques and lines from the videos. The creative process involved using software programs such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Flipaclip to create a cohesive and compelling story. The animation uses flower image templates for the background animation, and the aim is to experiment with different ways of transitioning from one scene to another. The project's result is a 3.30 minute motion graphic design that evokes memories of the special moments when audiences first watched the movie and makes them want to revisit the story once again. Overall, the project's objective is to show that every relationship is beautiful and significant, and hidden happiness can be found in every lonely moment.