Auspicious 108 (2023)
Technique /Materials : Mixed Media, Thai Clay

This project explores the concept of "Wai-pra 9 wat", a traditional Thai practice deeply rooted in Buddhism, which involves honoring Buddha through visits to nine temples. Central to this work is "Mogkol 108," representing the 108 auspicious symbols found in Buddha's footprint, which symbolize fortune and prosperity, aligning with the exhibition's theme, "Bangkok Feel Good." During the design process, the artist embarks on a journey to visit these nine temples, collecting impressions using soil to create low-relief graphics that capture the essence of each temple. These visuals may include tile designs, wall decorations, or statues. The final product is a mixed media low-relief graphic arranged in a grid of 108 cells, embodying symbols of fortune and prosperity that reflect the unique form of Rattanakosin Island.