Conversation (2023)
Technique /Materials : Miniature

This miniature ‘Conversation’ is developed from an international research project entitled ‘Women's leadership in designing social innovation: mutual learning in the Asia-Pacific’. This research project is funded by Arts and Humanities Research Councils in the UK and Australia Japan Foundation. It is a collaboration among four leading universities in four countries; Bangkok University (Thailand), Northumbria University (UK), RMIT University (Australia) and Kanazawa College of Art (Japan). One of the recommendations derived from the research is that ‘safe space’ should be provided for women working in art, craft and social innovation. The concept of ‘woman’s safe space’ is a place for women to be treated with respect and dignity enabling their new learning and self-development. ‘Conversation’ is a replica of ‘safe space’ in the research project where women from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and Australia enjoy afternoon tea together in a small and cosy room where they can share their thoughts and experiences of their lives. The ‘safe space’ enables flourishing ‘conversation’ which later results in the high impact outcomes of the art, craft and social innovation world.