Technique /Materials : Photography / Photography Installation

This photographic project is an intricate design exploration of the emotional and psychological complexities that stem from the pressure to conform to beauty standards, specifically within Bangkok's gay community. The photographs serve as a vivid portrayal of the subjects' struggles, highlighting the burden of attaining unattainable physical ideals and the emotional distress that ensues.

The layered photographs employ a carefully crafted design technique, creating a striking duality between the perceived facade of idealization and the raw, unfiltered reality of navigating beauty standards. By manipulating the layers within each photograph, the designer draws attention to the hidden layers of manipulation and emotional turmoil that lie beneath the surface. The viewer is forced to confront the deeply rooted societal expectations that fuel this emotional struggle, a poignant reminder of the impact of beauty standards on marginalized communities.

In addition to the layered photographs, the designer also presents a series of photographs that challenge the societal expectation of happiness. Through the use of a smiling model, the artist captures the facade of happiness that society perpetuates, while the innermost layer of the photograph reveals the true emotions of insecurity and the pressure to conform to societal expectations.