Mixed Techniques

Living in a big city allows us to experience the diversity of life stories. Both in personal aspects social coexistence and most importantly is the relationship between humans and the environment. We all understand that climate change today is inevitable in the real world. Under the worst-case scenarios like today, the air quality indicator appears purple as a result of long-term pollution. Causing humans to realize the impact on their lives and try to analyze the causes from various perspectives. But even so, there is still no preventive measure or concrete solution to the problem. Only the natural wind and rain can soothe us enough to ease our breathing. Therefore, what we can do is to accept the same situation that recurs over and over again until it is a normal part of life. However, if you can see through the dense smoke in the sky above the dust layer, there was still hope. There, the sky was still blue and the weather was clear. It would be great if we could live free lives like birds watching the circumstances of the city below with concern.